Training Of Over 100 Youths On Sustainable Livelihood Approach At Adebabiri, Bayelsa August 2011

In August 2011, the training of over 100 post skill acquisition graduands at Adebabiri in Bayelsa state. The Project was done in partnership with Food For all International (FFAI) and funded by Nigerian Agip Oil Company limited.

Training Of Over 100 Youths On Sustainable Livelihood Approach And Goal Setting At Adebabiri, Bayelsa In August 2012

Talent And Enhancement Camp Programme For Teenagers

Holidays are quite a good season to allow school children rest awhile from the busy long three months of academic work. This development brought about the planning of a suitable play cum learning activities for children designed by The Centre for Creative Development Strategies, (CCDS), Nigeria.

The programme is designed to chart a healthy, safe, creative and career route for this age group. Dancing, self defence, leadership, etiquettes, social habits and emotional studies are some of the components of the curriculum. It is unique in itself, in that these topics are not part of the conventional scheme of work in our schools.

Programme Vision:

To inspire and support positive change in our teenagers and youths through motivational and fun filled training in selected life application modules, thereby creating a loving and respectful world community. These classes are filled with activities including challenging games, interactive processes, and thought provoking lessons and stories. The programme is always a combination of fun and learning. This enables the teen to build a foundation for living a balanced, meaningful and extraordinary life.