Leadership and Good Governance


Leadership is a critical ingredient of good governance. It provides direction to a mandate, vision, or a task. However, leadership without good governance (ethics) is absolute directionless and worthless. CCDS recognizes that leadership and good governance are fundamental to successful developmental intervention at the three tiers of government. Therefore, we utilize proven tools and technologies to diagnose problems and determine cutting-edge solutions to enhance efficiency, productivity, and effectiveness. At CCDS we promote active citizen participation in local governance, accountability, and responsive governance, improved service delivery through capacity development programs, town hall meetings, scorecards, and system strengthening programs.

Local Economic Development

Local Economic Development (LED) offers government, public and private sectors, and local communities the opportunity to work together to improve the local economy. It focuses on enhancing competitiveness, increase sustainable growth and ensure growth is inclusive. In CCDS we ensure gender equity for small scale enterprises, promote participatory engagement and local content, through educational development, institutional support system, and policies implementation. We also develop the capacity of local areas to improve it economic future and quality of life for its citizenry. We partner with relevant government and non-profit agencies to create better conditions for economic growth and employment generation.

Women and Youth Enterprise Development

We create an entrepreneurial culture that encourages development and growth among the women and youth through various initiatives such as Livelihood and Enhancement Program (LEAP), Vocational and Life Skills acquisition, organizing cooperatives and women groups to promote activities that ensure prosperity for all.
We are committed to increasing interest and active involvement in programs supporting young entrepreneurs by implementing enterprise learning events in their communities. Our programs present numerous opportunities that encourage young people to become entrepreneurial in their everyday thought and action.

Public Health Promotion


Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) are directly related to health, well-being and quality of life. CCDS’s WASH-related work incorporates life skills-based learning and action to increase the local capacity of people to adapt to water, sanitation and hygiene conditions in their community.
CCDS partners with River State Rural Water Supply Agency, Civil Society Organizations, Local Government, and WASH Committee members to carry out WASH related advocacy campaigns, promote sanitation and hygiene education in schools and improve access to sanitation facilities with a particular focus on women and girls.



Through the Adolescent programs, CCDS has been able to carry out motivational clinics in the public, and private schools targeted towards senior secondary schools. Through our partnerships, we offer Education Travels and Tours with a particular interest in leadership, movie production, animation, science, arts, and crafts. We also provide career guidance, counseling and mentoring. More so, we partner with Educational institutions, to guide poor Nigerians (10 yrs -18yrs) to obtain full scholarships to study abroad. Attitudinal changes for the children, policy advocacy and personal development series for teachers, are part of our Educational enhancement programs.

Agriculture and Food Security

Here we focus on facilitating communities, women groups, associations and cooperatives to embrace Agriculture led development as the viable alternate way to improved economic development. Our strategic direction is steering Agricultural activities from mere livelihoods to a profitable enterprise. We achieve this by collaborating with relevant stakeholders to provide access to timely and useful information and trends along the Agricultural value chain and support for the modernization of agricultural education and training.
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